About Us

LH Executive Services (LH Execs) was created as the result of Shaila D. Parker’s love for order and desire to help others. LH Execs provides our clients with Professional Organizing and Lifestyle Management Services, so they can achieve the balanced lifestyle they deserve.

Where did the LH come from? It came from two different sources, Mrs. Parker’s late Grandfather, Lewis Henry Milbry, whom she was very close to and wanted to carry on his name. As well as Lord Help, from whence cometh her help, Psalms 121:1-2.

Our mission is to organize the lives of busy professionals. Let’s face it, life does not function well without order. Whether it is your home, office and/or busy schedule in disarray, we offer a solution.

LH Execs is based in Dallas, Texas, but we also serve the surrounding areas: Allen, Frisco, Garland, McKinney, Plano and Richardson.

Meet the Owner

Shaila Parker

Shaila D. Parker

You know that person who just has to write a “To Do List” and gets excited as the tasks are being checked off? That person is me, Shaila D. Parker.

Through my experience, I have learned that organization is the key to success! I always felt God gave me a heart to help others and a love for order.

With over fifteen years in the teaching profession, LH Execs is the perfect outlet for me. I am able to educate and motivate my clients on different organizational techniques so they can be at their best in all aspects of their life!