Professional Development Opportunities

Duration: 30-60 minutes per session

Total Sessions: Four. We recommend you take advantage of all four, to provide your staff with a thorough training in organizational methods that will give them the skills needed to be more productive and less stressed throughout the day. However, you are welcome to pick and choose the ones that are of priority to your staff’s needs. Even so, we ask that you start with the session on Time Management; for that is the foundation.


Time Management

“The 3 Keys to Successful Time Management” – Good time management skills are the foundation for productivity and success. During this session, attendees will complete a personal time management assessment and review the results. They will then learn the “3 Keys to Successful Time Management.” Thus, allowing them to regain control of their workday and achieve the work-life balance that is so desperately needed. One of the focuses will be on prioritizing. In addition, at the end of this session, attendees will have the skills to handle anything that hits their inbox (email and desk).


“Meetings & Meetings & Meetings Oh My!” – Meetings are necessary for business, but they should not prevent people from taking care of business. During this session, attendees will learn discerning tactics prior to requesting and/or accepting a meeting invite, the best way to schedule a meeting, effective note taking skills, meeting etiquette and much, much more.

Office Organization

“How to Make Your Office User Friendly” – In this day and age, we expect our PC’s, websites, software, etc. to be user-friendly. Why do we not expect the same from our own desk and desktop? Maybe if we did, we would get more done with less stress? During this session, attendees will learn how to get organized so they can get down to business. This includes methods for setting up their office space and efficiently filing electronic and hard copy information. Thus, allowing them to conquer the dreaded filing and eliminate the need for piling.

Team Building (for women)

“Organized Purse, to Organized Person” – Your staff works hard and now it is time for a little reward. But who says you can’t learn something while having fun? This session shows women how to go from an “Organized Purse, to Organized Person.” The event begins with a “Purse-sonality Quiz” that will reveal if you are an organized diva, a mom or a conspiracy theorist ready and waiting for the end of days. Next, participants will learn the LH Execs’ method to “Get Organized A.S.A.P.” and use it to bring order to their handbags. This acronym will guide you through any organizing project. Great entertainment this is sure to be, for you never know what a lady has in her purse!

Cost: To discuss pricing and to schedule a session(s) for your office, please call 469-645-8158 or email