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How to be Org and Fab 250

Would your ladies’ group enjoy a fun, Girls’ Night Out, where they will learn creative ideas for organizing their homes and lives? If so, Lifestyle Manager and Professional Organizer, Shaila D. Parker, shows women how to go from an “Organized Purse, to Organized Person.” The event begins with a “Purse-sonality Quiz” that will reveal if you are an organized diva, a mom or a conspiracy theorist ready and waiting for the end of days. Next, participants will learn the LH Execs’ method to “Get Organized A.S.A.P.” and use it to bring order to their handbags. This acronym will guide you through any organizing project. The session will end with Q&A, where Mrs. Parker can share some of her favorite tips, techniques and products. This unique program is always great entertainment. For you never know what a lady has in her purse!

These workshops are perfect for women’s clubs, mom’s groups, Junior Leagues, women’s retreats, church groups, conference breakout sessions and Lunch & Learns.

Workshop presentations can be done in-person or virtually and customized to fit the goals and objectives of your organization.

Shaila D. Parker is based in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex, but can be booked for presentations around the country.

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If your place of business either caters to women or provides a service women need to know about (i.e. boutiques, bakeries/eateries, financial institutions…), please contact on how to bring the fun to you!

Sponsorship Opportunities

How would you like to reach the demographic that statistics show make the majority of household decisions? Women decide on things such as weekend activities, where to shop and dine, and who will provide their professional services (i.e. doctors, accountants, realtors…). If this is your target market, please contact today!



testimonials“Shaila is great! You will be motivated afterwards, because her passion for organization is contagious!”

Sandy S. – McKinney, TX

“A great way to get together with co-workers outside of work!”

Diana P. – Allen, TX

“Shaila’s workshop has inspired me to clean out my purse.”

Cindy M. – Dallas, TX

“So fun! Entertaining night!”

Jessica H. – McKinney, TX

“Shaila has the ability to capture an audience and keep their attention, with her knowledge and personality.”

Samantha D. – Lavon, TX

“The workshop taught me how to create different areas in my purse to help me find things easier and make my purse lighter to carry.”

Amber J. – Murphy, TX