Business Organizing

Time is money. According to the Wall Street Journal, the average U.S. executive wastes six weeks per year (one hour per day) searching for missing information in messy desks and files. How much is an hour of your time worth?

Let the professionals at LH Execs organize your office. Through decluttering, creating systems and maximizing your space, we will reduce stress caused by disorganization and allow you to be more effective throughout the day.

To start saving time, money and increase productivity, book an appointment for your consultation today.

"I was very excited to come to work this morning because I had a much clearer understanding of the priorities and how I was going to most effectively spend my day."
Dale Petroskey
President & CEO
Dallas Regional Chamber

"…LH Execs helped me see what difference it makes to work in a neat and organized environment."
Sherry Andrus
VP of Administration
Dallas Convention & Visitors Bureau

"Before LH Execs, my office and my mind were a cluttered mess. Now that everything is in order and systems have been implemented to keep it that way, I can think again! Thank you Shaila and LH Execs for bringing order to this busy mom's life!"
Vanessa M.
Fort Worth, TX



  • Commercial offices
  • Home offices
  • Break room/Workroom
  • Storage closets


  • Time management solutions
  • Mail management systems (email and postal)

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How Our Services Work 

Every successful project begins with a plan:

Step 1 – A one-hour, on-site consultation. During this consultation, your organizer will assess your current organizational goals, needs and state. Therefore, allowing us to get to the root of your disorganization and lead to a solution. Then, they will teach you the LH Execs’ Method to “Get Organized A.S.A.P.” This will serve as our guide throughout the project.

Step 2 – Two business days later, you will receive your custom action plan via email, providing the assessment of the project, product recommendations and time estimate for the project.

Step 3 – The final step is to schedule our first session and Get Organized!

Organizing sessions are a minimum of 3 hours.


Organizing Consultation (1-hour) – $99.00 for up to, two spaces (Required)

       Hourly – $55.00 (one organizer)

       Hourly – $85.00 (two organizers)

Shopping – $35.00/hour 

Organizing Sessions – Minimum 3 hours

2-Hour Power Session – $195.00 – Designed for clients who want to organize themselves, but need ideas. Two hours with one of our expert organizers at your service! Grab a pen and pad and be prepared to write down creative ideas and solutions to all your organizing needs.