Lifestyle Management

There are only 24 hours in a day and busy professionals wish there were 36. LH Execs, realizes an extra 12 hours in a day is out of the question, but we can help you maximize the 24 hours you do have. Our experienced team will develop an individualized plan for each client to organize his or her life and offer advice and resources to put that plan into action. LH Execs’ plan allows the professional to focus their attention and energy toward their career, family and personal dreams, knowing that the tasks that can interfere with these things are in order.

To achieve the balanced lifestyle you deserve, book an appointment for your Executive Productivity Analysis today.

"I was very excited to come to work this morning because I had a much clearer understanding of the priorities and how I was going to most effectively spend my day."
Dale Petroskey
President & CEO
Dallas Regional Chamber

"…LH Execs helped me see what difference it makes to work in a neat and organized environment."
Sherry Andrus
VP of Administration
Dallas Convention & Visitors Bureau

"Before LH Execs, my office and my mind were a cluttered mess. Now that everything is in order and systems have been implemented to keep it that way, I can think again! Thank you Shaila and LH Execs for bringing order to this busy mom's life!"
Vanessa M.
Fort Worth, TX

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